Mistral Mobile today announced the public availability of Mistral Mobile Blockchain for Financial Services. Mistral Mobile’s action is as a result of consistent customer demand, the improvement of underlying blockchain core technology and the clear need for solutions in the financial services sector.

Customer demand for solutions and consulting in the potential and the realities of blockchain have been steadily growing. This is true throughout the markets Mistral Mobile serves both in the high-growth emerging markets and the developed markets. As financial institutions recognize the power of blockchain technology they seek an experienced partner to work with them to understand how and when to best apply the technology.

Simultaneously, the separation of blockchain from standalone coins like Bitcoin and other non-fiat coins, has allowed the powerful implication of blockchain application in financial services to grow. Each of the blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, HyperLedger, Corda and others are increasingly overcoming the challenges of applying distributed ledger technology into active, secure, high-volume financial services activities.

Mistral Mobile CEO, Ludwig Schulze says, “While blockchain technology is in some ways in its infancy, our team has seen the enormous potential to help solve our customers most fundamental challenges.”

With the launch of Mistral Mobile Blockchain for Financial Services, Mistral will offer consulting services to existing and new clients throughout the financial services industry. In near future, Mistral Mobile will also release module extensions for the Money Mobility Suite(TM) to enable efficient integrations between legacy systems of record and blockchain-based solutions.

For additional information about any of the Mistral Mobile solutions, please contact Sales @ MistralMobile.com